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New Jersey's Premier Volleyball Club

Warren Sixpack provides top level training and competition at all levels in youth indoor volleyball. Our roster of elite coaches and athletes is what makes Warren Sixpack New Jersey’s premier volleyball club for boys and girls.
Warren Sixpack Volleyball Club was founded in 1978 and quickly grew into the premier volleyball club it is today. Today, the club consists of over 250 athletes from around the state, including National Teams that compete at the highest level.  
Our practices focus on training to develop athletes’ both individual skills as well as teamwork in a competitive environment. Our coaches are all Impact Certified with several furthering their qualifications with USA volleyball at the CAP 1 level. Many coaches are current Division I, II, and III college coaches and top collegiate athletes.
Our mission has remained  the same as when it was founded: To provide a place to play and learn to fall in love with the sport of volleyball.  We strive to create a positive atmosphere, stressing good sportsmanship and moral character.
Warren Sixpack is a member of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Volleyball.

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Memorial Day Weekend Grand Prix


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Sixpack Academy

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Our Teams

Girls National Teams
15 Red     16 Red
Girls Regional Teams
13 Red     14 Red
15 Black     15 White
16 Black      16 White
17 Red     17 Black
18 Red   
Boys National Teams
13 Red     14 Red
15 Red     16 Red
16 Black     17 Red
17 Steel     17 Titanium
18 Red 
Boys Regional Teams
15 Black
16 White 1     16 White 2
17 White     18 Black

Warren Sixpack Volleyball Club

Fred Siegle

Warren Sixpack Club Director